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medical provider networking 
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Employer resources
- claim resolution
- employer programs and opportunities
- injury reporting and documentation
- medical provider networking
- policy considerations
- roles and resources
According to Ohio’s workers’ compensation laws, an injured employee may seek treatment from a physician of their choice who is certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). While a state-funded employer may not “force” employees to utilize specific medical providers, better results can be achieved by educating employees about local providers that are familiar with the workers’ compensation system, the employer’s business, and the actual work their employees do.

 Employment physicals and drug screenings are examples of services that employers purchase directly from area medical providers. When organizing these services, employers have an opportunity to discuss post-injury treatment for employees with workers’ compensation claims. Key topics include communication protocols, transitional work opportunities, wait time, and other issues that are important in the management of a workers’ compensation claim.

 Employers should also become familiar with the physicians and medical services that employees utilize. Physical therapy clinics, orthopedic specialists, and urgent care facilities are examples of medical resources that can bring value to employees. They can also help employers organize a comprehensive approach to their workers’ compensation program.

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