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Employer resources
- claim resolution
- employer programs and opportunities
- injury reporting and documentation
- medical provider networking
- policy considerations
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The Transitional There are a variety of opportunities available through the Ohio BWC that can foster improved program efficiency and return premium dollars to employers. CHS works with clients to identify opportunities that make the most sense for their organization. Click read more for an expanded description of each program below, or contact us to request more information.
  • Transitional Work Bonus : Employers that successfully use transitional work programs can earn a rebate of up to 10% off annual premiums. read more>
  • Group Rating : Group rating offers employers in similar industries the opportunity to join together to obtain discounts greater than they could receive individually.  read more>
  • Individual Retrospective Rating : Employers in this program receive a substantial up-front reduction in their annual premium while assuming a portion of the risk. read more>
  • Group Retrospective Rating : In this program, similar employers pool their collective risk and can receive a refund based on the overall performance of the group. read more>
  • Safety Council Rebate : Employers that actively participate in their local safety council receive a rebate, and an additional performance bonus for reducing claim frequency and severity. read more>
  • Drug Free Safety Program (DFSP) : Employers that implement the Drug Free Safety Program to address the use and misuse of alcohol and drugs can receive a discount. read more>
  • Small Deductible : Employers receive a discount in exchange for agreeing to pay a set amount associated with each claim. read more>
  • Large Deductible : Employers receive a discount in exchange for agreeing to pay a set amount associated with each claim. read more>
  • Destination Excellence : Destination Excellence encourages safety, return-to-work, efficient account management, and cost control. read more>
  • EM Cap (for penalty rated employers) : A 100% cap is placed on the amount that the experience modifier can increase. read more>
  • $15K Medical Only : Employers have the opportunity to lower their premium by directly paying up to $15,000 in medical expenses. read more>
  • One Claim Program (for private employers) : Employers receive a discount for having only one significant lost time claim and no more than three medical only claims within specific time periods. read more>
  • Grow Ohio Incentive : Grow Ohio offers new employers the option to join a group rating program and receive a premium discount up to the maximum allowed on the first day of coverage, or an automatic 25% discount. read more>
  • Early Payment Discount : Employers that report payroll and pay their full premium for the reporting period by the first month of the two-month grace period receive a discount. read more>