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claim resolution 
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Employer resources
- claim resolution
- employer programs and opportunities
- injury reporting and documentation
- medical provider networking
- policy considerations
- roles and resources
Employer engagement is an absolute must for successful claims outcomes. Employers can contribute a great deal to the claims management process through communication, monitoring and participation. Here are some key steps employers can take to help improve claims outcomes.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with all parties involved in the process
  • Establish internal reporting procedures and policies, and educate your entire staff on the importance of prompt, thorough injury reporting
  • Maintain contact with injured workers while they are off work and make sure they understand who their primary contact is at your company if they have questions about their claim
  • Establish a working relationship with medical providers in your area; they should become familiar with your operation and provide prompt, quality care
  • Offer transitional work or consider making modifications to an employee’s job duties that would allow them to return to work sooner
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