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remain at work services 
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Claim solutions
- early intervention
- job retention services
- medical management
- pharmacy/medication issues
- remain at work services
- transitional work services
- vocational rehabilitation
The Remain at Work program (RAW) can be used when an employee is having difficulty progressing to their former position of employment after returning to work on transitional duty. It is for medical only claims (where employees return to work in seven calendar days or less). This option can be incorporated whether or not clients have used Transitional Work Services (TWS). As a part of the program, a Qualified Rehabilitation Professional will be personally involved in field case management with the employee and the physician.

Services offered through this program include job analyses, job modification, on-the-job-training, physical and occupational therapy, supplies, etc. The managed care organization, employee and employer (with the cooperation of the physician of record) must approve the program.

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