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medical management 
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Claim solutions
- early intervention
- job retention services
- medical management
- pharmacy/medication issues
- remain at work services
- transitional work services
- vocational rehabilitation
CompManagement Health System’s philosophy calls for early, aggressive intervention by registered nurse case managers to promote improved clinical outcomes, facilitate early and sustainable return-to-work and lower our client’s loss costs. This process is supported through the use of current, evidenced-based medical and disability duration guidelines. We evaluate the quality of our performance through our internal quality program and our external URAC accreditation for case management.

The goals of case management in workers compensation are to:
  • Contain medical costs and negotiate cost savings when possible
  • Prevent unnecessary time off work and indemnity wage loss
  • Identify and remove barriers to recovery

The role of the CHS case manager is to:

  • Perform initial and ongoing clinical assessments of the employee and evaluate the need for alternative treatment
  • Work with the examiner to create a file plan that promotes the employee’s recovery and return-to-work
  • Negotiate and coordinate appropriate medical treatment and length of disability based on guidelines
  • Implement a case management plan with ongoing evaluations/assessments to ensure quality and appropriate service delivery throughout the case management period
  • Facilitate communication between all involved parties, i.e. providers, CE, EE, ER, attorney
  • Adhere to ethical, legal, accreditation, and regulatory standards
  • Advocate for the employee
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