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early intervention 
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Claim solutions
- early intervention
- job retention services
- medical management
- pharmacy/medication issues
- remain at work services
- transitional work services
- vocational rehabilitation
Timing is a crucial factor in the successful outcome of a workers’ compensation claim. The earlier an injury is documented and filed as a new claim, the sooner resources for managing the claim can become involved. The key to this process is an employer’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to a workplace injury. Early intervention includes three important objectives:
  • Immediatetly providing assistance to the injured employee
  • Quickly organizing injury and claim information to facilitate better communication with all parties
  • Engaging professional resources, including the treating physicians, early in the claim to help prevent delays, frustration and unnecessary complexities.

CHS works closely with our client employers to assist in the development of a sound post-injury management process. We provide resources for the documentation and investigation of a claim, and arrange for a variety of convenient options for filing a new injury report. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the time away from work due to an injury. This reduces claim costs and operational challenges. Preparation, organization and early medical intervention are key assets in accomplishing this goal. BWC statistics on FROI Timing indicate that CHS clients report new injuries far sooner than the statewide average, which is the first step in achieving successful return-to-work results.

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